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Helping you develop mental and physical wellbeing

Harness the science of peak performance (“Flow”) to better apply your mind and body to any task, while learning a unique and powerful way to use the musculoskeletal system

Flow State Wing Chun teaches you how to influence your mindset to overcome stress, anxiety and cultivate greater self-awareness

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Our unique approach helps you overcome stress, anxiety and physical/psychological insecurity, leading to improved performance in all areas of your life. We use Wing Chun Kung Fu as a vehicle to explore the relationship between the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the body - the optimal coordination of which underpins our physical and mental wellbeing and facilitates all human peak performance.


Whether you’re looking to improve your career, reacquaint yourself with your innate creativity or engage more deeply in your relationships, we give you the tools to access flow throughout your day.

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What is “Flow”?


Technically Flow is defined as “an optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best". The experience of Flow entails a sense of selflessness, timelessness, effortlessness and richness that culminate in a feeling of complete presence and engagement.

Everyone has experienced Flow in some form or another. Unfortunately as we “grow up” many of us either find ourselves disconnected from the activities that used to provide these experiences (play, hobbies, recreation, creativity etc.) or missing the forest for the trees and forgetting why we did these activities in the first place; not as a means to an ends (wealth, success etc.) but as an ends in themselves. Too often this results in an unhealthy reliance on other dopamine and endorphin triggers; drugs, alcohol, risk taking, social media and so on. Not only are these unsustainable but they rarely leave us fulfilled.

While Flow is often a byproduct of more fulfilling activities like surfing, yoga, singing, creativity etc., without specialized training it can be almost impossible to separate the mindset from the activity and transfer it to other pursuits. At FSWC we teach you how to consciously cultivate Flow, allowing you to apply this mindset at will.

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About Eddy Harrison-Lee

Eddy began studying Wing Chun in 1998 (primarily under Sifu Mark Spence who was a direct student of Grandmaster Chu Shong Tin) and teaching in 2001. After a career spanning sales, finance and business systems analysis (to name a few)


Eddy combined his lifelong passion for personal/organisational development with his insatiable curiosity to co-found Curiousmind with his father, Andrew Lee. He has also been a volunteer ethics teacher for primary school students since 2015.

Eddy draws on a comprehensive set of tools such as humour, storytelling and scientific evidence to reveal the underlying principles of human performance and explain the often-misunderstood process through which knowledge is transformed into sustained behavioural change

Are you struggling to “switch off”, control your focus and find yourself distracted by unhelpful thoughts? Do you strive for mental and physical wellbeing and a greater sense of fulfillment?

In a digital world competing for every second of your attention and a lifestyle increasingly disconnecting your mind from your body, these issues are very common.

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