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FREE adult group classes

Thursdays 7pm to 8:30pm, Bondi Beach Park.

I teach a free adult group class each week for anyone that's interested.

Easy going and friendly group, with beginners & senior students welcome.

Once the weather warms up I will also run 7am form/meditation sessions at the south end of the beach. We also catch up for sporadic Chi Sau sessions.

***Please sign up so I can bring enough equipment and keep you updated about exact location***

Private lessons (1hr) - Free trial lesson

Available 6am to 8pm Monday - Sunday (subject to availability)

1 x 1hr lesson = $110

2 x 1hr lesson = $200 (save $20)

4 x 1hr lesson = $360 (save 80)

8 x 1hr lesson = $660 (save $220)

12 x 1hr lesson = $840 (save $480

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