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Flow State Wing Chun offers individual and group lessons in Bondi Beach with a focus on developing the state of mind often described as “flow” (or being “in the zone”) as a means to both learn Wing Chun and improve overall wellbeing. Wing Chun is a traditional Kung Fu system originally developed in Southern China that has evolved into several fairly distinct variations and lineages, all of which fall under the Wing Chun (or Ving Tsun) umbrella. At Flow State Wing Chun we follow the teachings of the Chu Shong Tin (CST) who was one of Ip Man’s senior students and teacher at his school.


My name is Eddy Harrison-Lee and I began training at the International Wing Chun Academy in 1998 at the age of 13 and since 2002 have trained under Mark Spence (a student of CST for 35 years).

Chi Sau Club (and in turn Flow State Wing Chun) seeks to replicate the style of teaching devised by Chu Shong Tin towards the end of his life (as he explains in this video) as a way of developing what he called “Nim Tao” a mind state most closely resembling what western science has termed "Flow". In addition to providing numerous mental and physical health benefits, this state enabled him to generate seemingly unstoppable force without using muscular strength. While nowhere near the skill level of Chu Shong Tin, the below gives you some idea of how this ability works.

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